Hi and welcome to Andrindie!

The purpose of this site is to serve as a hub for the various projects I am working on as well as the peaks and valleys that come with pursuing multiple interests simultaneously.

In this first iteration of the blog, I will discuss improving my skills in web development, music and visual arts. As time goes on, I plan to incorporate other interests like language learning, cooking and gardening. Because of the way my brain works, there are likely to be stretches of time where I am only focusing on one particular area of study or practice. Other times I may be doing all the things. There may even be periods where I’m doing nothing at all.

Finally, this hub is serving as something of an experiment. I want to see how discussing what I’m working on publicly will affect accountability. I also want to see if I can actually create brand that is *all the things* instead of being just one thing. I haven’t done too well in the past with trying to be a singular thing. I always slid into talking about several different things anyway. This time, I’m starting with all the things. Here’s to seeing where it goes!