Last Updated on February 13, 2024

I have taken far too long of a break from this blog in part because I was working on some personal tech projects that were adjacent to what I was learning but not part of the curricula I’m following. I have loads to add from December up to now, though and some of it is already on Github. You can check that stuff out now if you’re curious.


Programming languages
Image by Anna

Of course, there are some Thinkcspy exercises that I need to add and a calculator project that spawned an entire iOS side quest. But there is also the aforementioned side quest and a more personal ongoing organizational project that grabbed my attention that I’d like to discuss here as well, both programming related. I gained some pretty valuable skills in visual and shell scripting that I think might be valuable to showcase and discuss here.

I’m also super excited to announce that I finished the foundations phase of the Odin Project and am nearly done with the initial part of that Python syllabus I’ve been following! Also just a couple of typography projects left in one of the books from, so I’m feeling pretty accomplished! The goal is to have all that stuff published by month’s end so I can transition to all new material and put more concerted focus into my job search.

Circling back to the Odin Project, I’ve made quite a few design changes to some of my previously published projects. This site should reflect those changes within the next month, as well.


Piano and sheet music
Image by Steve Buissinne

There are also some photos that I’d like to add to the site that I’m the process editing and I’m considering being a bit more active in terms of my social media presence to reach and retain a larger audience. The photos I hope to add sooner rather than later. However, the social media stuff may need to wait until later in the year while I continue my studies and begin my search for a new job.

I’m also hoping to start working on music again later in the year. My head has been filling up with new songs to work on. It’s honestly a bit much now, so I think it’s past time to start creating. I’ll admit, though, that after quite a long dry spell, it’s nice to have some musical inspiration again.

Personal Stuff

Jumping into 2024 from 2023
Image by Mohamed Hassan

There are also some more personal things that I’ve discovered about myself that has taken up a lot of my time in the last month and will continue to have my attention for at least the next year. I won’t go into too much detail right now, since it’s still fairly new. However, once I have a better handle on it and I get more of a read on how the new changes are affecting my life, I think discussing it here might actually be valuable. No promises, though. It is incredibly personal, so I’m reserving the right to keep this to myself should future me feel a bit too skittish about the idea of being too open about it.


Happy (Chinese) New Year 2024
Image by SpiderM

In conclusion (lol does anyone use that phrase any more?), I’m planning to ratchet up the activity here and discuss a couple of related tangents. I’m actually super excited about moving on to new phases in my learning, career, and life. I’m really looking forward to what 2024 has in store. Cheers to new beginnings! Oh! And happy Chinese New Year!

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