Last Updated on February 12, 2024

Screenshot of Rock Paper Scissors Project

This is my first JavaScript project for The Odin Project. The first iteration was in the console, the second one had a basic UI, and this latest version has had a design upgrade! There are still things I’d like to improve upon, so this likely won’t be the last UI change. Check back here or on GitHub to track future changes.

The initial goal was to have the player and the computer play a total of 5 games, the results of which were displayed in the console. In the updated versions, our goal was to have the player input their choice with buttons rather than text prompts and then play against the computer until one of them reached 5 points. The results were to be displayed on screen instead of in the console.

Inspired by other developers, I also decided to add a little reset button at the end so the player could play the game again if they so chose.

You can view the source code on GitHub or check out app to play the game! Enjoy!

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